Radiation Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer

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Dr. Sanfilippo provides an overview of radiation therapy for treating prostate cancer in this video interview.

Radiation therapy uses radioactive particles or rays to destroy localized prostate cancer.

  • It is used to treat cancers that are confined to the prostate and surrounding tissues.
  • It is an appropriate option for men with localized or locally advanced prostate cancer.
  • It may be used in combination with surgery and/or hormone therapy.

Two types of radiation therapy are in use at NYU: radioactive seed implant (brachytherapy) and external beam radiation therapy. The choice between these two options is determined in part by the stage and aggressiveness of the cancer, the patient's age and medical condition, and the patient's personal preferences and concerns about side effects. There is no consensus on whether brachytherapy or external beam therapy is better.