Smilow Center Patient's Video Testimonials

Our patients talk about their choices for treatment options, the recovery process and their experience at the Smilow Center at NYU Langone Medical Center.

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Mark Tillinger - Open Prostectomy
Mark Tillinger prostate cancer video testimonial Mark Tillinger discusses why he chose to have open prostate surgery, the recovery process and the importance of post-care rehabilitation for this treatment.
Frank Bruno - Robotic Prostatectomy
Frrank Bruno HIFU prostate cancer patient video Frank Bruno talks about his decision to have a robotic prostatectomy with the da Vinci SI System and therecovery process.
Paul Stumme - Open Prostatectomy
Bill Pupplo photodynamic prostate cancer patient Paul Stumme explains why he chose Dr. Lepor to perform his open prostate surgery and his overall experience at Smilow and NYU Langone Medical Center.
Dick Hoag - Open Prostatectomy
Rob Muller prostatectmy patient video Dick Hoag talks about the process of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, the decision to have the open radical prostatectomy and hisrecovery process.
Robert Muller - Open Prostatectomy
Ira Matsil robotic prostatectmy patient video Robert Muller talks about obtaining a second opion at the Smilow Center and how the advanced imaging and biopsy techniques may have saved his life. He also discusses his overal experience at Smilow and NYU Langone Medical Center.
Ira Matsil - Robotic Prostatectomy
Gary Crissman HIFU prostate cancer patient video Open robotic patient, Ira Matsil talks about the process of selecting thisprocedure, his experience with Dr. Stifelman and therecovery process.


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