Save the Date: 2011 Minimally Invasive Treatment of Prostate Cancer Course

NY Dr. Lepor will be the director for this course for practicing and academic urologists and radiologists, to be held in New York City, June 24-25.

The primary goal is to provide the urologist and radiologist with a comprehensive review of the issues and technology pertinent to minimally invasive therapy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. Prostate cancer represents the second most common cause of cancer deaths in American men. Despite these daunting mortality statistics, a significant subset of men diagnosed with prostate cancer will suffer no consequences from their disease if untreated. Today, the range of treatment offered for localized prostate cancer includes active surveillance, radical prostatectomy, radiation therapy and cryoablation. There is increasing interest in new minimally invasive ablative technologies for the treatment of prostate cancer including high intensity focused ultrasound and phototherapy which are being developed to minimize the complications of treatment. The challenge is to individualize treatment based upon life expectancy and expectations of the patient, and the risk profile of the cancer.

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