Meet Dr. Robot: Dr. Lepor quoted in the Time Magazine Article

An excerpt from the article

The Inevitable Backlash

For Menon's teacher, the eminent Dr. Walsh, the glamour of robotic surgery is a distraction from what should be the crucial issue: the skill and experience of the surgeon. No tool, Walsh says, can match his hard-won ability to feel his way around the delicate veil of nerves that control erections, judging by touch whether cancerous adhesions have begun to spread from the prostate gland. Whatever a robot might offer in terms of clear sight and fine-tuned movements can't make up for the loss of touch, Walsh maintains. And he argues that improvements in the open technique by leading surgeons have shortened recovery time — a point echoed by another highly experienced open surgeon, Herbert Lepor of New York University. "In essence, we transformed open ... prostatectomy into a minimally invasive surgical procedure," Lepor wrote recently.

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